Human Rights

Setou, Burkina Faso

Setou, 22 years old, lived in a poor village 100 km from Bobo Dioulasso where she left education in the third year of secondary school. When she became pregnant, the father, a man she met during first aid training in a military camp, initially refused to recognize the child.

Setou found herself alone and unable to return to her family because of cultural reasons. With no home to go to, she began to sleep outside the school and became very concerned about her future and that of her baby. She tried to deny her pregnancy while still hoping that the father would recognize her baby so that she could return to her family home. Setou then began to receive support at the Good Shepherd Center. They took care of her during her pregnancy, assisted her in childbirth and supported her to request the birth certificate. With support from the military camp, the father formally recognized the child and the Sisters helped her to obtain child support from him for the financial care of her baby. She also began to take the first steps toward reconciliation with her family.

At the center, Setou attended vocational training courses in cooking and baking; thanks to which she found a job. When she is at work, her baby is cared for and looked after at the center’s kindergarten. Setou is now a more independent and sociable young woman, and is waiting to make peace with and be welcomed back into her family.

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