Community Development

Rashida, Lebanon

Rashida is a refugee Syrian woman who fled to Lebanon 2 years ago with her family. Her husband managed with difficulty to find a decent job in Beirut. She housewifes, taking care of their 4-months-age little girl. Rashida came to the Family Space in the Social Center in Roueissat, run by the Good Shepherd sisters, invited by a friend who participates in the speaking group and women exchange group activities.

After moving to Beirut, conflicts with her husband began, and their relationship started to break down, also because of the family integration’s problems into the fragmented Lebanese society. Rashida felt alone, depressed and helpless in a foreign country. She found the courage to ask for help to the social worker of the Family Space and she has been continuosly supported to strengthen her confidence and self-esteem. “Here there is a space where I am free to speak and express myself, a space where I can cry and be listened to” – says Rashida – “Without this sharing space I wouldn’t have known what to do. Now I have regained trust and hope in my life and for the future of my family. Here I found help to overcome most of our difficulties.”

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