Beralia, Honduras

  If look back, to even just a few years ago, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. But I’ve not done it alone. I’ve achieved it by holding on to all the hands outstretched towards me, [...]

Rashida, Lebanon

Rashida is a refugee Syrian woman who fled to Lebanon 2 years ago with her family. Her husband managed with difficulty to find a decent job in Beirut. She housewifes, taking care of their [...]

Carmen, Bolivia

Carmen is a 33-years mother of 5 children. For many years she hasn’t heard nothing of their father, he just disappeared. She had a market stall of charcoal but the income was not enough for her [...]

Bridget, Myanmar

  “We were very poor. When I finished 9th grade my options were either to work on the farm or work overseas to get higher pay,” said Bridget, third in a family of 7 children living in a [...]

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