In 2020, GSIF carried out a thorough review and integration of its policies and operating procedures to adapt them to the highest national and international standards and best practices in the various areas of activity.

GSIF’s policies and procedures are part of the Policies, Standards and Procedures (PSP) system. All GSIF members and partners who carry out GSIF funded projects must comply with the principles and procedures contained therein.

GSIF provides ongoing training and support to staff and partners to ensure the principles and guidelines contained in the PSPs are carefully implemented.


  •   1. Modello Organizzativo  
  •   2. Regolamento Interno  
  •   3. Procedura per la gestione del Ciclo di Progetto  
  •   4. Procedure per gestione finianziaria e amministrativa  
  •   5. Gestione delle risorse umane  
  •   6. Manuale sulla sicurezza e la protezione  
  •   7. IT Management Manual  
  •   8. Manuale per la valutazione e la gestione del rischio  
  •   9. Politica di salvaguardia dell’infanzia  


  •   Bilancio Sociale  
  •   Schemi di bilancio e Nota Integrativa  
  •   Relazione del revisore  
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