The mission in Kenya

The congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd has been engaged in missions towards empowerment of girls and women in Kenya since its inception in 1959. In time the Sisters in Kenya have grown both in number and geographical coverage as well as in terms of ministries/projects.

Currently there are 15 communities from the rift valley to the Indian Ocean each one with at least three to four sisters and committed mission partners. They deliver projects and services in the area of informal Education, Health, nutrition, Women/Community Empowerment, Rescue Centers and Livelihoods; they also incorporate advocacy as a cross cutting theme across all projects. The mission of the Sisters is to of Jesus the Good Shepherd with the aim of helping them to reach their potential and fully enjoy their rights. empower women, girls and children whose condition in life cries out for the healing and merciful love.


  • GSIF supports the Euphrasia Women Centre in Ngong. Its mission is to serve women, girls, and children wounded by life circumstances, injustices, and oppression and who live on the edge of society, accompany them in their needs, awaken in them a deep sense of their infinite worth & dignity as persons and instill in them a hope for the future. The program targets vulnerable women and children by empowering women to start saving schemes, loan each other revolving funds, and start small businesses; by increasing the employability of the youth through the provision of technical skills in the vocational training center (IT, tailoring, cooking); by offering mentorship to children and teenagers working on behavioral change, empowering them to make wiser choices regarding sexuality and improving their sense of responsibility.
  • GSIF supports the Good Shepherd Empowerment Program in Kitale which targets vulnerable people in the slums of Kipsongo and Matisi. The mission of the Good Shepherd Program Kitale is to empower women, girls, and children living at the margins towards self-sustainability and restore their dignity. The project’s main goal is to empower women through business skills, training, and farming inputs, and to offer holistic Children development through education, feeding, and rehabilitation. In the daycare, the sisters are implementing a nutrition program ensuring at least a meal per day to vulnerable students and also provide sanitary pads to school girls’ teenagers.





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Human Rights
Girls and Women's Empowerment
Livelihood and Economic Justice
Community Strengthening and Participation


Kenya has long been considered a “success story” in the developing world and most particularly in Africa. Kenya made great strides in the overall economy and the education sector with 79% completion rate for children of primary school age and 88% of youth literacy for 15-24 years. Concerning poverty and food security Kenya is struggling to recover from the effects of the prolonged drought that started in 2007 and cyclically continued until 2018, worsened by the impact of the Locust swarms and COVID19 outbreaks affecting the overall availability of food especially in the rural areas.  Kenya’s HDI value for 2019 is 0.601, 143 out of 189 countries.

The current life expectancy in 2020 is 66.70 years while infant mortality rate stands at 32/1000 live births. Violence is a daily reality for women and girls across Kenya. According to government data, 45 percent of women and girls aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence and 14 percent have experienced sexual violence. Many cases are not reported to authorities and few women get justice or receive medical care.

Facts and figures

81% illiteracy rate (200-2020)

21,8% of illiterate population are women

36% of population living below the poverty line

143/189 ranking UNDP Human Development Index (2020)


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