Emergency Appeal for Lebanon

In the wake of yesterday’s tragic events in Beirut, we are praying for our Good Shepherd partners in Lebanon. Our sisters, staff, volunteers, and their families are well, although houses and structures have been damaged. We call on our friends and sponsors from all over the world to unite in solidarity with the Good Shepherd people of Lebanon. The Good Shepherd’s St. Antoine Dispensary and the other programs for migrants, girls, women, and children will need extraordinary support to care for the victims, while already struggling from COVID19 and a bruising economic crisis. Please, consider donating to GSIF for Support to Good Shepherd Lebanon.


Un messaggio da Sr. Hanan Youssef in Beirut

A drama strikes once again the Lebanese people. The port is destroyed, large parts of the buildings of the capital are destroyed with hundreds of deads and thousands injured. We felt the explosion very strong, our house got shaken, like in a strong earthquake. Who knows if one day we will know the truth behind this tragedy: already many call this Beirushima; it feels like a nuclear explosion. Meanwhile, hospitals have been destroyed, in addition to the tragedies of economic problems, the great wave of COVID19, and poverty that affect people who until recently were wealthy. As Good Shepherd sisters and partners we are ready to provide support and relief to the people affected. Let us pray for Lebanon and the Lebanese people. 

Sr. Hanan Youssef
Apostolic Councilor of Our Lady of Charity
of the Good Shepherd and a board member of GSIF.


5 August 2020

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