Floodings in Kenya

Emergency Appeal: Rising Waters, Rising Urgency in Kenya

As a result of record-breaking rains, devastating floods are wreaking havoc in Kenya, particularly in the regions served by the Good Shepherd Sisters. The flooding has affected over 380,000 people*, displacing 200,000, and inflicted significant damage to property and critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges, schools and health facilities. 

Beyond the immediate damage caused by floods, communities face increased risks of waterborne and vector-borne diseases due to contaminated water sources and destroyed sanitation facilities. Food insecurity is rampant, with damaged farmlands and impassable roads leading to limited access to nutritious and adequate food and a heightened risk of malnutrition, especially among children, the elderly, and pregnant women served by the Good Shepherd programs.  

As the people of Kenya continue to be caught up in the ongoing heavy rains, the consequences of the disaster compound an already fragile humanitarian situation for communities grappling with food insecurity, disease and severe droughts.  

In response to the flood crisis, the Good Shepherd Sisters and their mission partners in Kenya are already on the ground. They are providing essential relief to communities in the affected counties of Nairobi, Meru, Embu, Kitui, and Kajiado, where the programs run by the sisters are serving 7,200 women and children. More than 600 families participating in the programs have been directly affected by the floods, and thousands of other women and children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.  

We need your support to continue delivering aid, including supplies, shelter, and livelihood assistance to the most affected families, alleviating the impact of this multifaceted crisis and helping communities recover from these devastating floods.  

Your contribution can truly make a difference.  

Support Rising Waters: Kenya Flood Relief Project

* Data OCHA, Kenya: Heavy Rains and Flooding Update, May 10th

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