Meeting with the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development

Dialogue with the Dicastery for Promotion of Human Development on human rights and migration

On Tuesday, May 14th, GSIF had a fruitful meeting with the staff of the Listening and Dialogue section of the Vatican Institution, the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, which is aimed at promoting and animating the dialogue with the structures of the local church on the ground and the various ministries at the service of integral human development.  

The discussion focused on several pressing issues facing Africa, such as human rights violations in the exploitation of mineral and natural resources, providing an excellent opportunity to introduce the Bon Pasteur Kolwezi program in DRC. This initiative aims to rescue children from engaging in artisanal cobalt mining reintegrating them inper the school system and to provide alternative livelihoods for their families. Our colleague Sr. Francette Rakotonirina from Madagascar steered the conversation towards other vital initiatives, such as sustainable agriculture, girls’ and child protection, and the importance of organizational development for the Good Shepherd Sisters in the global South. 

This meeting was also an opportunity to learn about the Dicastery’s initiatives on migration and various capacity-building and training programs they are conducting, as well as deepen our dialogue on migration at the regional level, through the facilitation of Sr. Christi Thekkumpuram, head of the Migration Project, who graciously offered to connect us with regional coordinators. 

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