Art4Rights: Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being

On the occasion of the most recent International Day of the Girl Child, we celebrated the incredible potential, strength, and leadership of girls. We did it together with the girls from Good Shepherd schools and social services in Asia Pacific on October 7th during a girls-led panel event, coordinated by the GSIF Asia Pacific regional office. 

Through  ART4RIGHT, a platform to creatively express advocacy of the girls through diverse forms of arts, the voices of the girls across various socio-economic backgrounds, representing over 40 Good Shepherd schools in Asia Pacific were amplified. They were joined by their peers from the Social Services. 

Listen to the voices of Minali, Jasmine, Dolma, Sumnima, Ananya, Piet, Gita, and many other girls engaged in conversation with educators and mentors about the urgent need for the attainment of their rights. 

These strong and determined girls reminded us that it is crucial that we invest in their rights and well-being. It is vital to ensure that they all have access to opportunities and resources, enabling them to become leaders in their communities and beyond, especially in places where the gender gap remains wide. GSIF and its partners stand firmly alongside these girls, offering holistic programs that promote their rights and support their empowerment. This support allows them to recognize their full potential and create their own future.  

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