‘Another world is possible’ | Report from the World Social Forum in Nepal

In the open dialogue space that brought together social movements, NGOs and civil societies with the common belief that ‘another world is possible’, GSIF Nepal and Opportunity Village Nepal OVN convened in Kathmandu from February 15th to 19th, 2024 to enrich the discourse towards forging a society that is fairer, more equitable, and sustainable.

They participated in the solidarity march through the center of Kathmandu that kicked off the World Social Forum alongside other activists, social movement representatives, and civil society organizations from around the world. Since its inception in 2001, the World Social Forum has been a pivotal platform to drive positive change, exchange ideas, share experiences, form networks and alliances and build strategies for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Sisters, GSIF and OVN team members, and project participants marched showing the resilience and diversity of global solidarity and calling for addressing pressing issues affecting the world of today such as economic inequality, climate change and social injustice. Over 50,000 participants from more than 1,400 organizations spanning 98 countries marked then their attendance in person and virtually at various concurrent events.

As organizations dedicated to empowering marginalized communities and survivors of human trafficking, GSIF Nepal and OVN during the Forum were committed to fostering dialogue, collaboration, and action to combat the modern-day slavery of human trafficking. GSIF Nepal organized and supported four events in collaboration with other partner organizations, which also saw the participation of survivor leaders.

One of the highlighted events, the hybrid event ‘Breaking Chains, Building Future,’ focused on effective reintegration strategies for survivors in South Asia. It facilitated discussions and shared successful models of holistic reintegration, encompassing comprehensive support frameworks and economic empowerment programs. This event envisioned every survivor receiving comprehensive support, empowering them to rebuild their lives with resilience. Through collective action, education, and advocacy, GSIF Nepal and OVN continue to work to eradicate trafficking and create a future where South Asia stands as a beacon of hope, justice, and compassion for survivors.

Another significant panel discussion, themed “Dimensions and Trends of Human Trafficking: Identification and Responses,” was jointly organized by the Alliance Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal and GSIF Nepal. This discussion illuminated the evolving nature of human trafficking, current trends, challenges in identification, and effective responses to combat this global issue.

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