“How are the Girls?” – The research report presented in Rome

During the pandemic crisis, GSIF and the Good Shepherd sisters were aware that the conditions of many girls and children in the most vulnerable countries were already extremely fragile and that measures such as lockdowns, school closures and interruption of protection services caused enormous harm. To explore the impact of this unprecedented crisis on the general living conditions and the future outcomes of girls, we promoted a multi-congregational research initiative together with the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, the Comboni Sisters and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missionswho have always worked at grassroots level in the education, protection and promotion of the rights of girls and children.

The result of this ongoing commitment, uninterrupted by the pandemic, to reduce the social and educational impact, especially on girls aged between 10 and 20, is detailed in the report “How are the Girls? A study on the Rights of Girls during the Covid-19 Pandemic in six countries”, which was presented on 7 December 2022 in Rome. The findings and insights that emerged from the research will be crucial to guide the future plans of the four congregations as they review their programs and to inform new educational, development and advocacy initiatives. 

A panel of researchers and experts in human rights and advocacy lead the presentation and discuss the findings of the study, alongside the project teams of the different congregations. During the hybrid presentation, attended by 80 people in-person and more than 100 virtually, some girls who participated in the research and local coordinators of the six countries shared their experience and their forecast for their future, through inspiring video contributions. 

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