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Su Su, Myanmar

Su Su’s Story – Her dream no longer seems like just a dream

Su Su* looks towards her husband who is happily playing with their newborn son. She feels like she’s in a dream. Suddenly, the sounds of a storm and thunder wake her up and she realizes that she was dreaming. The sad reality is that she feels alone and deeply upset as she gazes at her son lying beside her.

At one time, everything seemed perfectly blissful. Married at 22 to the man she loved and who loved her, she thought that her love would last forever. Instead, the dream cracked: after some months, her husband began to behave violently. Su Su was beaten, kicked, slapped and assaulted with weapons, being injured several times. Family and neighbors knew what was happening, but no one dared to interfere.

Beginning with Su Su’s earrings, other items also began to disappear from the house and accusations to her husband that he was stealing were answered with violence. It did not take her long to realize that he was addicted to drugs. The situation worsened day by day, until she discovered she was pregnant.

One night, Su Su was threatened and the life of her unborn child was put at risk by the violence she suffered. With the help of a neighbor, she found protection at the Good Shepherd Shelter in Yangon, Myanmar, where she gave birth to her baby. Su Su was provided with safe housing, medical care during pregnancy and childbirth, psychosocial support and individual counseling.

Su Su said her husband changed and gave up his drug addiction. Her decision to return to her husband was not easy, but she believes that her dream will still come true. She is now a stronger woman, able to overcome the trauma of violence, take care of herself and her child, and support her husband who is being assisted with individual counseling sessions.

Su Su’s dream no longer seems like just a dream.

*Not her real name 

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