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Together to support women who choose to change.

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Change for Women

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Help us promote equal rights and opportunities

Join us in supporting all women who do not give up and choose to change their fate.

We empower women to break down barriers and counter the social norms that prevent them from leading real change. We assist them to become more confident in their own strength, fighting gender-based violence, promoting their full rights and building equal economic, social and cultural opportunities.

Empowering women today, for a just and sustainable future tomorrow

We have always been close to women and girls in vulnerable and marginalized conditions, who have to face discrimination, violence and abuse that deny them access to their fundamental rights and trap them in poverty and exploitation.

We want for women and for everyone a different, inclusive, equitable society, that promotes well-being for the whole community, building a world free from hunger and poverty.

Through our programs in more than 30 countries across the world, we work to ensure that all women are free from gender-based violence, have access to education, basic health care, decent work and have the opportunity to access leadership role within their family and community, to make decisions and make their voices heard.

Support GSIF’s programs

for women

Make a donation that can transform their live.

With 20€

You can support literacy and basic education of a woman from rural communities of Angola and Peru

With 50€

You can provide a women with 6 months access to prevention and protection from violence and abuse in Paraguay, Philippines, Burkina Faso with psychological assistance and accompaniment for her social reintegration.

With 75€

You offer a woman vocational training in agriculture or skills training to start a small business in Bolivia, DR Congo and Central America, to enable her to improve her income and the socio-economic conditions of her family.

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