Bon Pasteur Kolwezi awarded the 2022 Austria.On.Mission ‘Emil’ Award

Another recognition adds to the other awards the Bon Pasteur Kolwezi program has received over the years for its impact in protecting children and young people from violence, exploitation and child labor in the mining communities of Kolwezi, DRC.
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Protection for women and girl survivors of human trafficking and violence in Latin America

Human trafficking is a form of gender-based violence, which is a dramatic reality in Latin America particularly affecting women and girls. In 2020 1 in 2 of all victims of trafficking in South America was a woman. Women are trafficked for sexual exploitation – they make up 87% of the victims
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“How are the Girls?” – The research report presented in Rome

During the pandemic crisis, GSIF and the Good Shepherd sisters were aware that the conditions of many girls and children in the most vulnerable countries were already extremely fragile and that measures such as lockdowns, school closures and interruption of protection services caused enormous harm
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“Vivir para Volar”: Transformative women leaders sharing their stories

Francisca is one of the six women whose stories of resilience and change feature in the book ‘Vivir para Volar’ (Living to Fly), which was presented in a virtual event on March 9th, promoted by GSIF Latin America. These women from different countries of Latin America shared their experiences of empowerment to
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Promoting Sustainable Development through Holistic Education in India

A phenomenal and groundbreaking event has been held on past January 12 at Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary School, in Chennai, India to promote Sustainable Development through Holistic Education. There were over 150 students both girls and boys from 18 Good Shepherd schools in India taking part in numerous contests
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“How Are the Girls?” | A Multi-congregational Study on the Rights of Girls during the Pandemic

More than 111 million students have dropped out of school in developing countries. It all started in March 2020, when Covid-19 hit the world. The negative effects of the pandemic have affected people in different ways: the weakest social groups have paid the highest toll, as well as the most vulnerable countries.
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