Amplifying women’s rights defenders who lead social change in Latin America

When individual voices unite, they amplify each other’s strength; each voice resonates with that of others, and together, they cry out for respect, for the right to live equally and free from discrimination. The determined voices of the 30 women from different countries in Latin America who participated in the regional project “Amplifying women´s voices. Empowering women´s rights defenders and support of women´s led groups for advocacy in Latin America” can now be clearly heard and can drive social transformation. Starting from a shared path of training and empowerment, these women have become leaders and defenders of women’s rights in their home communities. They are women who were usually excluded and marginalized, either because they belong to native communities or because they come from situations of extreme social and economic marginalization.

Since 2021, this regional project, facilitated by GSIF Latin America, has continued to support these women, nurturing their leadership skills and capacities for effective advocacy. The women received guidance in forming and organizing local advocacy groups, as well as implementing advocacy actions in their countries. Moreover, they were given opportunities to participate in both local and international advocacy efforts.

Each women’s group identified actual and real emergent problems in their communities based on their personal experiences, and they reflected on root causes and possible local solutions. In Bolivia and Paraguay, they lobbied the local government to incorporate the prevention of gender-based violence into local government plans. In countries like Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico, they developed communication products to raise awareness about the need for accessibility and clarity of information for migrants on regularization procedures. Spaces for education have been generated in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Perù to sensitize people about gender-based violence through workshops that allowed direct interaction with individuals who may be experiencing some form of violence against women. These are women who believe that their fight as women defending their rights becomes the fight of all those marginalized and excluded.

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